General Release Form

Release: I recognize that skiing is a dangerous sport and accept the risks that are inherent in skiing and/or snowboarding and the ski area/mountain environment. I accept my responsibilities to be informed, to behave prudently, to abide by the Skier’s Responsibility Code and all other posted behavior notices and to ski safely and in control at all times. In consideration of acceptance of my enrollment in the Ski Apache Adaptive Sports (SAAS), I release SADSP and Ski Apache Ski Resort and their employees, volunteers, representatives, and appointed personnel from all claims, liabilities, or costs, which occur from injury or death while skiing with the Ski Apache Adaptive Sports (SAAS).

Parent or Legal Guardian Must Sign if Student is Under 18
Because adaptive skiing is of public interest, representatives from the media often visit to obtain stories. This form gives permission for you or your child to be photographed if involved in a newsworthy event at Ski Apache Resort. I hereby grant permission for the taking of pictures and/or the release of general information regarding:
Photographs and/or general information may be published in, or used by, any of the media or mass communication (including newspapers, magazines, television, pamphlets, brochures, reports, etc.) without liability on the part of the agents, volunteers, or employees of Ski Apache Resort or the Ski Apache Adaptive Sports (SAAS).