Staff and Volunteers

Without our dedicated core staff and many exceptional volunteers, our dreams could not be reality. We salute those who give their time and talents to a program that changes and enhances the lives of so many deserving individuals, and we invite you to meet them:

Ty Bonnell
Executive Director
(575) 937-6954
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Tina Bonnell
Program Director
(575) 937-6954
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Our Board

Elliot Topper

Karen Anderson
Vice President

Margie Tippin

Shirley Pavlovic

Steve Corley
Board Member

Lori Gibson Willard
Board Member

Fredric Moras
Board Member

Liz Smith
Board Member


All Season Adaptive Sports is delighted to have some of the best coaches around! Though they have a lot of fun in the process, they also take their jobs very seriously. Because they know that there are hazards to the job, they take responsibility (and a few bumps and bruises along the way) to ensure the safety of our customers. Some of them are full-time staff members, and some are highly valued volunteers. Please meet them:

Scott Adams

John Andrews

Tina Bonnell

Ty Bonnell

Jodie Canfield

DeeAnn Carlisle

Rick Carlisle

Ann Ellis

Istvan Fuzak

Marilyn Koukol

Sue Morris

Christie Parker

Josie Parsons

Jim Rodgers

Mark Spellman

Walter Tippin

Augie Witte

Pam Witte